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See the listing of this product in the Cosmetic Safety Database.

Download a set of stickers

Here are several online databases and websites that are full of useful information to help you understand exactly what's in your product, why and how it can affect your health and our ecosystem.

Cosemetics Database from the Environmental Working Group
Household Product Database from the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services
ToxNet from the U.S. National Library of Medicine
What's In the Stuff We Buy? from SciToys

Download the sticker set to label your products with warnings that don't otherwise exist. Sticker products in your local drugstore to help spread the word.

The sticker set includes:

Warning Labels for Classes of Chemicals:
Chlorinated Organics (or Organochlorines)
Flame Retardants (Bromides)

Warning Labels for Adverse Health/ Envirnonment Effects:
Endorcine Disruptor
Organ Toxicity
Developmental/Reproductive Toxicity
Banned/Restricted in Countries Outside the U.S.
Occupational Hazard

These stickers fit on 1.2" round labels. Blank stickers this size can be purchased here. Print the pdf document using an ink jet or laser printer at work or home.

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